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Established in 1981, CONTROL VALVE SYSTEMS is the representative for SCHROEDAHL-ARAPP GmbH in Scotland, recognised today as reliable and responsive suppliers of high quality products and services.

Our in house facilities enable us to respond quickly to customer requests and where possible despatch spares and custom built control valves the same day, either from our Perthshire office. This includes valves in cast iron/steel, stainless steel and PTFE lined. A wide range of common spares are stocked along with the capability to service and commission most units.

In 1981 CVS began representing Schroedahl, whose main business is the manufacture of automatic recirculation valves for centrifugal "Pump Protection" as well as manufacturing a range of severe service control valves and steam converting valves. Schroedahl valves are installed worldwide in Nuclear and Conventional power stations, Petro-chemical plants, FPSO, FSO, Offshore oil & gas platforms, Steel foundries and due to the quality of their design and construction are helping to keep pumps running with faultless regularity. Schroedahl's expertise in multi-stage high pressure let down coupled with their flow sensitive modulating design, bespoke manufactured to follow any pump curve, has enabled Schroedahl to become a name synonymous with high quality and reliable pump protection. Production and processing are based on national and international regulations and standards (EN 1092-1, UVV, TUV, AD, TRD, ASME, as well as ISO 9001 / EN 29001).